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How the M6 2D Scanning Platform Plays in the Optical Industry!

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In optical shops, business will first have a set of management software, from refraction to sales to

collection and from retail to wholesale.The use of dimensional codes, inquiries into the warehouse, out of

the library, sales, returns, transfer, search for goods inventory, official management, red envelope

promotions, etc.

Scanning equipment for accurate scanning is both convenient and fast, meeting the individual requirements

of customers. Then the two-dimensional code data extraction is indispensable A fast, easy-to-use M6 2D scanning


DATAMAX-M6 is a high-performance 2D scanning platform with powerful scanning angle range, simple operation,

plug and play,Comes with voice announcement function, the air instantly brings a happy atmosphere to quickly scan

and identify 1D/2D barcodes, support for mobile phone screen bar code, fast cash register.

So where is the application of M6 in the optical industry?

1, carry out storage management

Each spectacles will have a unique QR code information, which can be accurately verified by the merchant through scanning

the 2D barcode on the spectacles.Submit the sales schedule for the warehouse.

2. Member Management: Development Members, Retaining Members

The application of two-dimensional code membership card or mobile phone two-dimensional code member is also widely

used in the brand optical shop, and can directly pass the scanning session.

The QR code on the card is used for redemption, discount, consumption, points, promotion, etc. It is a popular member


3, the lens two-dimensional table intuitive operation

After using the M6 scanning lens bar code, it can be automatically matched according to the degree of the

prescription in the other party's system to avoid manual input.Error.

4, cashier payment

When consumers check out, they can quickly deduct charges by scanning mobile Alipay and Wechat QR codes to improve

work efficiency and customer service.Verification.