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New Employee Orientation Training

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          New Employee Orientation Training

Corporate Administration - Miss Li organized the training of recent new employees, through the requirements 

of the training, new employees can quickly qualify for jobs, improve work efficiency, and achieve better job 

performance, playing a multiplier role

Effect. Through new employee training managers, they become more familiar with new employees and lay the 

foundation for future management.


The contents of training for newly recruited personnel in enterprises mainly include:


First, introduce the company's business history, purpose, scale and development prospects, motivate 

employees to work actively and contribute to the prosperity of the company;


Second, introduce the company's rules and regulations and job responsibilities, so that employees in 

the work consciously abide by the company's rules and regulations.


3. Introduce the internal organizational structure, power system, service coordination network and processes 

among departments, and Feedback mechanism. Make new employees clearly communicate information in the 

enterprise, submit channels for recommendations, and make new employees understand and familiarize themselves 

with each other The functions of the departments can accurately communicate with the relevant departments 

in their future work and be able to solve questions or complaints;


4. Introduce the company's business scope, main products, market positioning, target customers, competitive 

environment, etc., and enhance the market awareness of new employees;


5. Communication of corporate culture, values, and goals. Let new employees know what the company is against,

what is encouraged, and what is pursued;


6, Introduce the company's norms of employee behavior and behavior.