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Company Profile

       Shenzhen HOLYES Technology Co., Ltd. (HOLYES) was established in 2004, as the earliest company involving in the development, sales and maintenance of barcode hardware in China. DATAMAX launched by this company has gained recognitions from a large number of customers. DATAMAX keeps its research and development in the field of label printing and bar code scanning, starting from the production and sales of laser scanners and thermal printers. To actively cope with rapidly changing market demands, barcode scanners and label printers dedicated to logistics / express delivery / retail have been launched one after another.

       With new concepts, new designs, new ideas and new orientations, DATAMAX overturns the traditional barcode market and brings you with a quite different feeling. In the future, DATAMAX will, with the same passion, promote civilian use of barcode equipment and make it gift-oriented to play a leading role in the barcode market. Through continuous technology research and development, we provide customers with high quality products and services. As the best partner for customers, we promote customers’ success. We are a trust-worthy supplier for a full range of barcode equipment solutions.

Our Advantages

      H0LES employs more than 40 people, with a R&D team closely following the international mainstream in information technology development and a business team with professional sales experience. Located in the beautiful Shenzhen, HOLYES has a marketing and service network across the whole country. It has set up branch companies in Beijing and Xiamen and established strategic partnership with more than 200 barcode enterprises nationally, being able to provide efficient, professional, complete and comprehensive barcode consulting and services for thousands of brand users in China.


      Focus on barcode field, enhance our service value

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