M3 Wireless Mouse Scanner


M3 is another portable wireless barcode scanner launched after M1 and M2. It is the first barcode scanner with mouse function on the market, with perfect fusion of mouse and scanning functions. New appearance, easy to switch and use, light weight, optimiz

    Product Description

    M3 selects remote red light scan engine. It can read international-standard barcodes and barcodes on the

    mobile phone and computer screen, with reliable wireless connection, and small receiver. When plugged, it can

    be connected to the computer for a long time, without repeated plug and pairing.


    1、Unique, mini fashion design patent;

    2、It integrates functions of scanner and mouse into one device, thus convenient to use;

    3、It can read two-dimensional barcodes on a paper or an electronic screen;

    4、Personalized diversity, customized LOGO;

    5、Super standby performance, convenient and safe charging, 12-hour continuous scan,

    112-hour standby, humanized switch settings, shutdown standby can be as long as 30 days.