M4 Wired Barcode Scanner


M4 is an affordable hand-held single-line laser scanner with excellent performance. It can meet the scanning demands for retail outlets, offices, libraries and counters in light industry. With its band-new appearance, excellent scanning performance and co

    ►Product Description

    M4 can easily aim the barcode to be scanned and complete the data transmission only by pressing

    one button, which makes it the best selection for applications in menu scanning, retail cash register,

    document processing and inventory control. This entry-level laser scanning solution is also ideal for

    institutions with less barcode scanning workload.


    1、Independent fashion appearance, ergonomic design, comfortable operation;

    2、Multi communication interfaces, standard USB cable, plug and work;

    3、Fast laser scanning, decoding speed can reach 120 times / sec;

    4、Personalized and customized LOGO, enhance user’s brand image.