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Application of mobile payment barcode scanning platform M6 in various stores in life

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Speaking of mobile payments, I believe that many people will no longer be unfamiliar, and it may even be said that they 

have spread over various areas of people's life. In the morning, you go to the breakfast shop to buy a breakfast. At noon 

you go to Kungfu for lunch. In the afternoon, you go to Starbucks for an afternoon tea. After work, you go to a fast food 

restaurant on the road to have a dinner. You go home to Wal-Mart and other large supermarkets. Buy some daily 

necessities. This is a lot of people's consumption trajectory for a day. If you look closely, you will find that when you pay 

for these purchases, you are not using cash, but you are slowly getting used to pulling out your mobile phone. 

Alipay / Wechat App then let the mobile payment scanning platform sweep to complete the payment.

According to DATAMAX Xiaobian, in the second quarter of 2015, the transaction volume of third-party mobile payment 

market in China reached 3.5 trillion yuan, a growth rate of 22.81% from the previous quarter. The overall market structure

remained stable. Alipay topped the market with a market share of 74.31%. Tenpay (WeChat Payment + QQ Wallet) ranked 

second, with a market share of 13.18%; Lakala was 6.33%, ranking third.

From the above data, we can see that Alipay and WeChat pay almost all of the market for the entire mobile payment market. 

After the rise of mobile payment, people who may be paying attention to it will find that if Alipay announces that XX brand 

supermarkets can support Alipay scan code payment today, it is certain that there will be another XX brand restaurant that will 

cooperate with Wechat payment tomorrow. The news of this kind of source is endless, although the analogy is a little exaggerated, 

but it also shows that the two payment companies are paying attention to the market offline and wanting to dominate.

Then, behind this "beggar" struggle, who is the "fisherman" of profit? There is no doubt that the general public and everyone access 

to any mobile payment business.

Many people are wondering why said this,please listen to DATAMAX to explain for you.

First, in order to compete for offline payment market territory, Alipay and Wechat Payments have successively resorted to very 

attractive concessions, such as subsidizing access to merchants, and lowering the handling fee.

Second, merchants, regardless of access to any one of the mobile payment methods, can carry out an upgrade of their own 

traditional cash register system to increase the speed of cash collection.

Thirdly, merchants have introduced this new payment method. When the general public consumes money, they can not only 

save the trouble of having to bring money with the card, but also can reduce the number of people due to this fast payment method. 

And you need to wait in line. Businesses also increased sales due to higher consumer satisfaction.

Although there are so many benefits for accessing mobile payment, DATAMAX  also found that many merchants have a question when they 

visit the market. Then, after accessing the mobile payment function, how do I purchase a suitable scan? What about the platform?

DATAMAX is here to recommend a "DATAMAX flash box M6", its biggest feature is that compared with many scanners on the market, it can 

not only scan the traditional paper bar code, but also on the carrier In the mobile phone, ipad and other electronic screen WeChat or PayPal 

and other payment codes for scanning, with exquisite workmanship and wizard-like voice broadcast capabilities. Importantly, the introduction 

of this scanner not only requires no additional modifications to the existing cash register system or invoicing system in the store. And because 

of its simple mode of operation, users do not need to do any complicated training, that is, they are very quick to get started and skilled use. 

It is a must-have artifact for many entity store merchants when they are working in cash register.

From everywhere in our lives, you can use the mobile payment barcode scanning platform to see that mobile payment will eventually become 

a new trend in the field of payment in the future, and it is now becoming popular and rising, so if interested merchants should act as soon as 

possible Get up and upgrade equipment for your cash register.